Wedding Photography Tips And Tricks
For most people, weddings are one time thing and as a photographer, you should be ready to make all the seconds count. Here’s the scope, you are tasked with the job of capturing memorable moments and giving the couple something to look a when they are nostalgic and grey haired. In simple words, you have the most important job in the wedding and there is no room for mistakes. To give you a way forward and a better approach to wedding photography, here are some nifty wedding photography tips and tricks.

Preparation is King
Preparation encompasses a number of things. The first step is to meet with the couple and find out what they have in mind. Understand what they are looking for, where they want the photographs taken and which style they prefer; that is if they have any in mind. Work closely with their ideas and suggest a number of things according to their theme and the details they already have. Proper preparation and the understanding of the job ahead will assist a great deal in the choice of photography equipment you will need to capture all the important moments in a simple yet elegant style.

Creativity is Key
It is good to still have the traditional wedding photographs but you need to stand out from the crowd and make your photography a little bit spicy. As much as you are needed to capture the conventional shots, change your perspective and your angles to get exceptional shots which will give the whole photography a different appearance and feeling. Time is everything and you need to capitalize on every move while keeping things spontaneous and bold enough to make it to the album.
Take Advantage of Natural Light
While lighting can be useful in darker places, anytime you have the advantage of using natural light grab it and make the best of it. This has everything to do with the location of the shoot, where you are standing and the time of day. Again, don’t stick to the traditional shots; go out of your way to create your own style that uses all natural lights. Incase the light is not ample for great photos, use some fill lights to bring the details of the subjects and objects out perfectly. Natural light is the key to natural looking photos which are the epitome of great wedding photography.

Positive Associations
Here’s another tip –we’ve found, teaming up with the wedding hair and makeup artist before the wedding to capture pre-wedding moments (here’s what we mean) it adds more memories to the photo album and captures the bride’s maids as well. It also gives you a chance to form more report with the bride before the guests arrive and understand exactly what she wants out of your service.

Be Flexible With the Lenses
If you feel as if the bride and groom are not giving you ample interaction, use the zoom option and get up close without making them feel uneasy. When the subjects are more comfortable with your presence, switch to wider lenses to include backgrounds and everyone else near them.

Have a Backup Plan and Fun
Make sure you carry extra batteries to see you through a day of intense shooting. Carry an extra camera and lenses just in case something goes wrong. Have someone else taking photographs with you to, to create a different perspective and assist when you don’t capture a certain important moment.
Have fun while shooting and relax. This is the only way to take high quality images and to get people to interact with you for great shots.

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